Pompeii, the buried city
Completely buried by lapilli and volcanic ash by the terrible eruption of 79 AD, the city of Pompeii has remained immortalized over time.

From the beginning of the excavations, in the mid-eighteenth century, a quantity of artifacts and cultural treasures were found such as to provide an in-depth and detailed view of what life was like in the ancient world. The Amphitheater, the Temple of Jupiter, the House of the Faun, the House of the Menander, the House of the Vettii, the Villa of the Mysteries are the highlights to visit.

With the continuous work of archaeologists, who are still digging in this area, new discoveries increasingly enrich this unique site in the world.

This place still boasts millions of visitors from all over the world who appreciate the well-preserved ruins, the particular architecture of things and the artistic techniques already famous at the time.

Vesuvius, The great cone
It is the best known volcano in the world, dominating one of the most fascinating gulfs, that of Naples.

The route starts at an altitude of 1000 meters and then reaches an altitude of 1175 meters. We will go through some hairpin bends where the view is unique, but the wonder is to observe the previous lava flows of the previous eruptions from so close.

Along the climb, you can admire the ancient volcano, Mount Somma, separated from Vesuvius by the valley of the Giant.

You go through the crater enclosure until you reach la Capannuccia; then begins the descent.


Pick up at the accommodation or agreed meeting point
• 9:30 am arrival in Pompeii, archaeological site
◦ Guided tour (2h) route established by the Institution: narration and stops by the Tourist Guide
Free Time 1 hour (unless otherwise agreed):
- stop for pizza with soft drink and water
• 13:30 departure from Pompeii
• 14:00 Arrival at Vesuvius
◦ Guided tour of the Crater (1: 30h)
• Stop for tasting typical local products
• 16:30 return
• 17:30 drop off at the accommodation




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