The old town

Herculaneum was buried under twenty-three meters of volcanic ash and pumice in the terrible eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79. Bourbone bring in to light thanks to a random discovery near the ancient theatre in Herculaneaum.

This archeological site offers the possibility of observing the old urban pattern, the house distribution in space, the magnificent thermal baths, the sumptuosus gym and also la monumental cathedral.

The perfect preservation of wood, of bronze and of the front part of the building create a more completed picture of the different style under the Vesuvius and also of the construction industry of the time.

The most important archaeological testimonies are the college of the Augustales, thermal baths, the House of Aristides and Neptune, The House of Sanniti and the shore where more than 300 people died.


Pick up (da strutture ricettive di Castellammare di Stabia, Torre Annunziata, Pompei, Scafati, Sant'Antonio A., Angri, S.M.La Carità, Gragnano, Pimonte, Agerola, Vico Equense, Seiano, Meta).

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