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Discover the secrets of this wonderful city in the center of the Neapolitan coast. In a city tour, we will explore the main attractions of the city, its beauties from the sea to the hills, the history of the great names of Italian culture born in these lands, the churches and their artistic values ​​impressed on canvas and in sculptures over time. This activity includes: two different routes, one city and one panoramic. The city tour includes: a walk in the Villa Comunale and the Stabiese coast, a visit to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Catello, a visit to the MUDISS Museo Diocesano Sorrentino Stabiese; visit to the Church of the Gesù, visit typical products shops.


Faito trek tour

The FAITO TREK TOUR consists of a tourist package that has as its object a naturalistic excursion to Monte Faito, to reveal the beauty of the paths, to show a unique and rare panorama, to let you feel the sensation of being surrounded by nature and greenery, breathing pure and fragrant mountain air ..

We reach Monte Faito with an exciting and breathtaking journey by CABLE CAR, during which, in just 7 minutes, we move from Castellammare at an altitude of 1100 meters to piazzale del Faito. It will be the minutes that you will remember all your life, little by little that the cable car proceeds, you will gradually see the buildings, then the sea and the whole city, and then the valley, all green of the cliff that goes down, as if to say, PRETTY COOL!

Our group of expert guides and in collaboration with Sorrento Hiking, will hold an explanatory briefing on the experience together in the square.

From the cable car square we set off on the crest of the mountain.

We observe, from the top of Monte Faito, Vesuvius which dominates the Sarno plain.

Leaving the ridge, you dive into the centuries-old beech forest.

Wrapped in an atmosphere suspended in time, we continue towards the ” Neviere ” area where tall beech trees surround particular pits. These are natural pits where in a not very distant past, the snow that fell in winter was crammed. In this way it was well preserved in the coolness of the beech trees.

The snow cut into blocks was then transported downstream in warm periods.

The snow industry ended in the early 1900s, but the beech trees still show signs of it today.

At the end of the path you can enjoy a platter with the scents & flavors of local products.

It is possible to participate in the FAITO TREK TOUR on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of each week.

Departure from the headquarters of Sesto Continente Tours, an agency in Castellammare di Stabia

We organize small groups of up to 15 people.


9:30 am meeting at Sesto Continente Tours
9:45 am start of the tour
- municipal villa: sound box
- municipal villa: avenue of artists
- Porta San Catello
- via Sarnelli: ancient symbols, columns and architecture
- Visit: Co-Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta and S. Catello
- via Nuova
- Via de Turris: stop at the birthplace of Raffaele Viviani
- Stop: the pizza
- Piazza Orologio: historical notes
- The Maresca Biscuit Factory, Castellammare biscuit tasting
- Scala and Tatore: history
- via S.Caterina: the Church
-Church of the Holy Spirit
-Piazza Fontana Grande
- Porto Salvo Church: visit
- Street Food time: the cuzzetiello and water of the Madonna
12:30 pm end of the Tour
13:00 meeting point at Sesto Continente Tours and meeting of the participants
13:30 Transfer by cable car, in 7 minutes to the summit of Mount Faito (station altitude 1,092 meters above sea level)
Start of the tour guided by an authorized multilingual hiking guide (3h)
stop at the bar for coffee / tasting
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        Tour type: Daily Tour
        Duration: 6 Hours
        Maximum number of people: 30


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