The old stronghold in Lettere trace its origin in the XI century when it was just a simple fortress with little towers and surrounding walls. Around and in it, there were commons people who attended different feudal power during 5 centuries.

The actual structure of the stronghold is the result of various remakes but it still preserves Angevin features. The trapezoidal framework still conserve the four towers, the most important tower between then-the fortified tower-was the main housing unit for Lords.

From the yard, it’s possible to recognize the Chapel of the castel, the Cathedral made in 900AC, Soccorso Madona fresco made in the XV century and also the almost intact Bell Tower.


Pick up (da strutture ricettive di Castellammare di Stabia, Torre Annunziata, Pompei, Scafati, Sant'Antonio A., Angri, S.M.La Carità, Gragnano, Pimonte, Agerola, Vico Equense, Seiano, Meta).

Arrival at S.Nicola al Castello Street, in Lettere

Start of the tour led by authorized touristic guide

Tasting at the end of the itinerary





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