The dream

I dream of a beautiful, well-kept and hospitable city

I dream of walking on the street and meeting people, who show well-being, carefree, smiling, happy to live life, who prepare the everyday life with lightness

I dream of a city where young people can find the right place, the necessary opportunities through which to give vent to their dreams

I dream of a tourist city, which attracts many people from the world where tourist flows occur daily, at every corner of the street there is a photo shoot, where every visitor can give vent to his desire to know, to discover, to have fun and above all where can live deep EMOTIONS

I dream of a city that is the Queen of hospitality

Dreams have always been the driving force of people, capable of generating a great inner drive, of unleashing a great determination and perseverance, with which men are capable of instilling profound transformations and of changing history.

My dream matured in the 10 years prior to 2018.

I began to feel an ever stronger sense of redemption within me

A sense of redemption not only personal but also of my city

I became more and more convinced of the enormous potential available and I was checking it every day. I began to explore the area, and meet expert people who thrilled me with their stories about the roots and by examining the potential, I decided to commit myself to seize the opportunity to be an active advocate of my dream.