Our vision

Become the number 1 contact person in the development of tourist accommodation in the


I want to create a Leading Company in Tourist Reception operating in those areas that I define as “Abandoned by Tourism”, that is, where the tourist car is not as developed as those famous places such as Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi; starting from Castellammare di Stabia and drawing from all the neighboring territories.
In these territories I want to develop local attractions by transforming them into a tourist key, attracting visitors to this New Market which must be inserted within the usual Tourist offer, representing an absolute novelty in consideration that these territories in their past have already been tourist destinations for a time. but who then changed this vocation due to political choices and historical facts.

  • To make known the HISTORY, enhancing the archaeological finds, churches, houses, and palaces;
  • Spread the knowledge of ancient places, old urban centers, the paths of the paths and the naturalistic aspects of the mountains;
  • Enhance the production of local FOOD products;
  • To make known every aspect of the coasts and of the places and localities through the sea.
  • Develop an experiential hospitality market by making use of the EXTRA Hotel offers in order to allow visitors to experience experiences in direct contact with the habits and customs of the Managers;

Through this work I want to create VALUE for the company, for myself, for each participant in the project in every way and form, to improve the quality of their life and help make our corner of the world a better place.